An evaluation of location management procedures


Baumann, Frank V. and Niemegeers, Ignas G. (1994) An evaluation of location management procedures. In: Third Annual International Conference on Universal Personal Communications, ICUPC, 27 Sept.-1 Oct. 1994 , San Diego, CA, USA (pp. pp. 359-364).

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Abstract:This paper gives a comparative description of two scenarios for location management in a mobile telecommunications system. The first scenario uses fixed location and paging areas. Mobiles perform a location update as they enter a new location area. The second scenario uses a time-out based location updating scheme. Mobiles start their timer as they leave the paging area they are currently registered in. As the timer elapses, the mobile performs a location update. Both scenarios also differ in the way paging is performed. In the first scenario it is only necessary to page in the location area the mobile is currently registered in. In order to do this efficiently, the paging is done in a 2-step fashion: mobiles are paged first in the paging area in which they were registered in, and next in the entire location area they are registered in. In the second scenario the mobile is paged in multiple steps: first in the paging area it is registered in, next in a circle of paging areas surrounding that area, and so on, until the mobile is found, or the number of steps has reached a certain upper limit. Results comprise a quantitative and qualitative comparison of these scenarios, and guidelines for optimal application
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