Low cost & fast turnaround: reconfigurable Graph-Based execution units


Smit, J. and Stekelenburg, M. and Klaassen, C.E. and Smit, G. and Havinga, P. and Mullender, S. (1998) Low cost & fast turnaround: reconfigurable Graph-Based execution units. In: 7th BEhavioraL DeSIGN Methodologies for Digital Systems Workshop, BELSIGN, 1998, Enschede, The Netherlands.

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Abstract:New devices with the efficiency of full-custom designs and the programmability of FPGAs will ease many aspects of the design of complex systems, without the high cost of mask production. The possibility of in-circuit programming and even dynamic reconfiguration offers great advantages over the traditional design approach. One instance of a fully programmable architecture which offers a platform for rapid prototyping, quick market and application evaluation, is introduced in the form of a field programmable function array (FPFA). The design of such a device is extremely challenging as the aspects of physical design for speed and low-power, the construction of an ALU which is optimal for as many applications as possible, as well as highly efficient mappings of algorithms, are extremely important for a successful device which suits many applications. This paper introduces the reader with the concept of reprogrammable devices with graph-based execution of arithmetic expressions, the corresponding principles of operation, the aspects of low-power operation of the proposed design, the corresponding physical design of the ALU, algorithmic mappings of systems on a chip and the performance aspects compared to other architectures and implementations.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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