Composing Synchronization and Real-Time Constraints


Bergmans, L.M.J. and Aksit, M. (1995) Composing Synchronization and Real-Time Constraints. [Report]

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Abstract:There have been a number of publications illustrating the successes of object-oriented techniques in creating highly reusable software systems. Several concurrent languages have been proposed for specifying reusable synchronization specifications. Recently, a number of real-time object-oriented languages have been introduced for building object-oriented programs with real-time behavior. Composing and reusing object-oriented programs with both synchronization and real-time constraints has not been addressed adequately, although most real-time systems are concurrent. This paper analyzes the origins of the problems in composing and reusing synchronization and realtime specifications, first as separate concerns, and later as composed behavior. To overcome the so-called inheritance anomaly problems, this paper proposes modular and composable synchronization and real-time specification extensions to the object-oriented model. The applicability of the proposed mechanisms is illustrated through a number of examples.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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