Working apart together: foundations for component groupware


Hofte, Gerard Henri ter (1998) Working apart together: foundations for component groupware. thesis.

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Abstract:This thesis is the culmination of five years of Working Apart Together.
As a research theme, it struck me in 1993 that Working Apart Together was
not only a way of working that groupware systems were designed to
support, but also a principle that could be applied within the groupware
systems themselves. As far as I can recollect, the original ideas that laid the
basis for this thesis went something like “If groupware systems are designed
to support people working apart together, thus enabling them to deliver
better products or services to customers, why, then, not have different
groupware applications themselves working apart together, thus delivering a
better groupware service to their human users? After all, if we don’t expect
people to be omnipotent, why should we expect this from groupware
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