Computer-supported analysis of scientific measurements


Jong, Hidde de (1998) Computer-supported analysis of scientific measurements. thesis.

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Abstract:In the past decade, large-scale databases and knowledge bases have become available to researchers working in a range of scientific disciplines. In many cases these databases and knowledge bases contain measurements of properties of physical objects which have been obtained in experiments or at observation sites. As examples, one can think of crystallographic databases with molecular structures and property databases in materials science. These large collections of measurements, which will be called measurement bases, form interesting resources for scientific research. By analyzing the contents of a measurement base, one may be able to find patterns that are of practical and theoretical importance. With the use of measurement bases as a resource for scientific inquiry questions arise about the quality of the data being analyzed. In particular, the occurrence of conflicts and systematic errors raises doubts about the reliability of a measurement base and compromises any patterns found in it. On the other hand, conflicts and systematic errors may be interesting patterns in themselves and warrant further investigation. These considerations motivate the topic that will be addressed in this thesis: the development of systematic methods for detecting and resolving con icts and identifying
systematic errors in measurement bases. These measurement analysis (MA) methods are implemented in a computer system supporting the user of the measurement base.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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