Second order Volterra Inverses for Compensation of Loudspeaker Nonlinearity


Schurer, Hans and Slump, Cornelis H. and Herrmann, Otto E. (1995) Second order Volterra Inverses for Compensation of Loudspeaker Nonlinearity. In: IEEE ASSP Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, 15-18 Oct. 1995, New York, USA (pp. pp. 165-168).

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Abstract:High quality sound reproduction by loudspeakers is increasingly problematic if the dimensions of the loudspeaker decrease. To produce enough power, large diaphragm excursions are needed which give rise to significant distortions especially at very low frequencies. Instead of improving the mechanical construction of the transducer we apply a feedforward nonlinear digital inverse circuit. Results of two 2nd order Volterra compensators show a significant reduction of the second order harmonics, leaving higher order distortions unchanged. The structure of the realization influences the performance considerably. Two realization structures are considered, and the error caused by the differentiators in the output of the compensators are compared. Both algorithms are implemented in real-time on a digital signal processor (DSP) for on-line testing with the transducer
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