State detection during paraplegic gait as part of a finite state based controller


Franken, Henry M. and Vries, Wijbe de and Veltink, Peter H. and Baardman, Gert and Boom, Herman B.K. (1993) State detection during paraplegic gait as part of a finite state based controller. In: 15th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 1993, October 28-31, 1993, San Diego, CA (pp. pp. 1322-1323).

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Abstract:A finite-state model of paraplegic gait may serve as the basis for the design of an hierarchical control system for locomotion assisted by Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). This approach compels the control system to detect the different states on-line during gait. Experimental results of two state detection strategies are presented. The preliminary results include various sensory feedback signals, such as hip gonio, footswitch and crutch force signals. Video recordings provided off-line comparison. State detection on the basis of footswitch and gonio data was problematic, probably due to time varying weight distribution in combination with a switch forcelevel and problems with robust attachment of the footswitches. Gonio together with crutch force data appeared to be more reliable for state detection.
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