A CMOS Q-Enhancement Bandpass-Filter For Use In Paging Receivers


Tangenberg, J. and Klumperink, E.A.M. and Eikenbroek, J.W.Th. and Nauta, B. (1998) A CMOS Q-Enhancement Bandpass-Filter For Use In Paging Receivers. In: 9th IEEE/ProRISC Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 25-27 November 1998, Mierlo, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 529-533).

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Abstract:Paging receivers often have to work in a dense
signal environment. This poses high demands on the preselection
filter. One of the most difficult aspects is the large
image rejection demand, which only can be satisfied by use
of a narrow-band or high-Q filter. The practical restrictions
for possible filter implementations are the low cost, low
power and the small size of the pager. By use of positive feedback
around a cheap off-chip low-Q inductor we obtain an
enhanced quality factor. We are therefore able to construct
selective filters using cheap small-size inductors. The price
paid for Q-enhancement is a larger noise and higher sensitivity
to component variations. The higher noise influence
is eliminated using a high gain in the preceding LNA-stage,
which is considered a part of the filter. Simulated results
are: Q enhanced from 30 to 100, Image-rejection = 48dB,
f0 = 280MHz, Voltage-gain = 20dB, Noise- figure = 2.4dB,
IMFDR = 66dB, IDD = 1mA, VDD = 2V. The original contribution
of this work is the application of the enhancement
principle to off-chip components, which benefits the minimization
of size and cost.
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