Development and application of microsieves


Kuiper, Stein (2000) Development and application of microsieves. thesis.

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Abstract:Microsieves are a fairly recent (1994) innovation in membrane-filtration technology, especially at the start of the Ph.D. work (1996) that led to this thesis. Further development and application of such a recent innovation demand a high degree of pioneering. The field of subjects and possibilities was vast and largely unexplored. As a result the contents of this thesis diverge strongly and cover various areas of science, such as (micro)mechanics, hydrodynamics, optics, chemistry and biology. A key issue in microsieve technology is the formation of pores in the membrane. Up to now these pores were made using conventional photolithographic methods, which are limited by diffraction of the used UV-light. In this thesis it is shown that the resolution limits can be decreased with an alternative exposure method called laser-interference lithography. Using this method pores with a 65 nm diameter were obtained, which is more than an order of magnitude smaller than was at that moment obtained with contact-mask lithography. The method may be considered low-cost and is applicable for large surfaces.
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