Mixed conducting yttrium-barium-cobalt-oxide for high oxygen permeation


Brinkman, H.W. and Kruidhof, H. and Burggraaf, A.J. (1994) Mixed conducting yttrium-barium-cobalt-oxide for high oxygen permeation. Solid State Ionics, 68 (3-4). pp. 173-176. ISSN 0167-2738

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Abstract:Yttrium-barium-cobalt-oxide (YBC), especially with low Y content, has been prepared. Oxygen permeation in these materials is very high at moderate temperature. The materials Y0.05BaCo0.95O3-δ and Y0.10Ba0.90CoO3-δ consisted of a BaCoO3-δ like main phase and some minor phases. For the Y0.05BaCo0.95O3-δ material these minor phases were not exceeding 10 vol%. Y0.05BaCo0.95O3-δ had the highest oxygen permeation value of 3.9 × 10-7 mol/cm2s at 900°C; the surface exchange reaction may be the rate limiting step here. The material Y0.33Ba0.67CoO3-δ consisted mainly of two unknown cubic phases.
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